The Return of the Gardening Project

After a week of being gone, I was not sure how our garden would fair. We came back to a jungle! We actually have already gotten some radishes and everything seems to be really thriving this year.

The Garden.

I am especially excited about…

The Leaf Lettuce.

The Return of the Shamrock.

Our Roma Tomato Plant.

My Sunflowers!

The only plant that was not working well was our potted plant on the patio. It turned out it was a creeping vine and I am not interested in something attaching to my siding. So that had to be re-worked. Super A joyfully helped me re-plant flowers and a strawberry plant in it’s place.

Super A pats each of the plants and asks them how they are doing…he’s such a good gardener!

To reward his kindness towards the plants, I let him pick two more vegetables to add to our garden. He picked:


Poblano Peppers


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