Friday Favorites

July 20141. Our produce pick up from this past week was overwhelming! It was really tasty, but I was glad that I decided split it with my sister. We are still making our way through all of the cherries, plums, and tomatoes.

2. The snap cubes have been a big hit with the boys, especially because you can make shapes out of them, which has basically developed them into Lego tower territory.

3. The boys decided to be my mini-stylists for a day and picked out ALL of my jewelry for me to wear. So…apparently more is more.

4 & 5. Oh, J. I do wish that boy had more personality. 😉

A gorgeous flower shop worth the many sneezes I would undoubtedly endure upon entering.

So that’s how you make iPhone photos look gorgeous.

We have a whole host of tomatoes and more on the way, so I was happy to find a bunch of ideas for prepping and cooking them.

Making all those readings of “Polar Bear, Polar Bear” a little sweeter.

Great travel books, whether or not you are traveling this summer.

Have you read the Elephant and Piggie books with your kids? They are A’s new favorite read aloud books. We are looking forward to sharing (and making) some ice cream, but until that book comes in at our library the boys have been reading “I will Surprise my Friend” and then trying to hide behind things and scare each other. An impromptu activity if you will.

Loving the trendsetting style of Diane Kruger.

One day B and I will have nightstands that are twins. Until then we are settling with our first cousins twice removed nightstands. HA!

And speaking of ice cream (we were talking about that, yes?), I found a great way to count down our last days before school starts again.

B and I used to make this tomato-tuna-pasta dish when we were dating. I just found it’s more elegant older sister. When we met she sounded something like Ina Garten.


Such a cute and a classy way of taking on the cropped top trend.

I feel like this post is mainly about reading and ice cream. So…a book about ice cream seems fitting.

And that’s it! Have a great weekend!

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