Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day I decided to pick up one of the “free” trees from Lowe’s. I say “free” in quotations marks because I had to buy a pot and soil for it. Anyway, Super A is really into gardening, plants, and the outdoors so I figured he would really like this activity. So now we have a teeny tiny pine tree. It should reach full size in about 50 years. HA! You think I joke, but that’s the truth. Luckily, it has to be in a pot for a year so I can spend that time figuring out where to really plant it after that.

Super A called it “birthday earth day”. He is such a big boy now he decided he could carry the soil…

And help fix the pot up…

However we are still working on the term “gently”. To Super A that still means “death grip/with extreme force”.

Here’s our “tree”. I use the word “tree” loosely at this point.

And after some tosses of mulch around the top…

We were all finished. Happy Earth Day!

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