Dose of green

One of my favorite things to do with the boys during the summer is take them to the local plant nursery and let them wander around. A is really interested in plants right now, and so he asks many, many questions when we go (what type of plant is it? can you eat it? how much sun does it need? What would happen if a laser jumped out of the sky, hit the plant and it exploded into a million fruit snacks? You know. Typical stuff.). We never leave without buying a little something and this time was no exception. A picked out a yellow orange plant that required full sun because in his words “I like plants that like the sun”. So that’s, that.

I was actually looking for lemon grass because I had seen something on pinterest saying it repelled mosquitoes and figured it would be easier to find than the elusive citronella plant (it may not be elusive where you are, but then you may live someplace where mosquitoes aren’t chomping at the bit outside your back door. Lucky you!). The nursery worker told me they were completely sold out because in his words “somebody pinned something to that pinterest board about it being a mosquito repellant and our whole stock was gone in about two days”. That, people, is the reach of pinterest. They did, however, have citronella plants. So I picked up one of those. I honestly almost bought the whole lot of citronella plants because I felt bad for them. Just sitting there, like the person who used to be popular, but then a new girl came to school, and so they aren’t popular anymore and they have to sit by themselves at the lunch table. You know what I’m talking about.

ANYWAY. In the words of the nursery worker “I’m going to tell you straight…if you are trying to fend off mosquitoes naturally you are much better off to get the citronella plant than lemon grass. I don’t even know where they came up with lemon grass being a mosquito repellant.” True story.

So did you go out and buy lemon grass this year?? I would love to know! Anyway, here is a dose of green:

Does of green


IMG_2378 A’s full sun flower pick

IMG_2379 Citronella plant

IMG_2380Who needs parsley or cilantro?? I have enough to feed the neighborhood!

IMG_2381Our new/old container (from my parent’s house). A and I also transplanted our spinach and re-potted it with richer soil in an effort to save it. You can see it in the back. It’s saying “help me, this lady isn’t a qualified gardener!” Hahaha.

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  1. I believe A’s plant is Lantana. One of my favs. I love it because it’s pretty easy to keep alive as well as attractive

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