Zoo adventures in Nashville

Zoo adventuresWe had a pretty quiet Fall Break, which was lovely! Towards the end of the week we took a day trip to Nashville with the boys and just spent the day exploring and wandering the zoo. We all really enjoyed the zoo, J’s favorites were the giraffes and monkeys, and A loved the bamboo forest. Here is a bit more from our adventure…

In typical fashion we arrived at the zoo and immediately got food because the boys were “starving” after being on the road for two hours and eating countless snacks. HA! After that we made our way over the giraffes, which was one of my favorite parts because it is such a large area and you can see them up close.

Zoo Adventures
The boys really enjoyed the area with the tortoises wandering around where they could pet them (but not feed them leaves because that was not allowed):

zoo adventures

zoo adventures

And then we sat in the shade for a bit and ate some snacks, because that’s generally the boys favorite thing to do…

zoo adventures zoo adventures

And then we headed on to an area that had some farm animals and a garden, and pumpkins:

zoo adventures

And then the boys had some more snacks and water:

zoo adventures

And then finally we went to a petting area where J brushed a goat:

zoo adventure

I think their favorite part of the day was the indoor area where they saw snakes, bats, and poisonous frogs. They read and looked at every single one, and didn’t want to leave that area. The zoo was under some renovations, so we have plans to go back when they get their bear, spider monkey, elephant, and tiger areas back up and running. And I’ll leave you with this picture of A:

zoo adventureHappy Wednesday!

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