Working at the car wash

The boys were in need of a distraction from running about and fighting over who was playing with whose GI Joe. So I pulled together this:

Car WashI’ve seen it on various blogs, instagram pictures, and pinterest posts, but had never actually done it. A slightly overcast and windy day was a great time to do this outdoor activity. And the boys loved it! They had a rinsing, washing, and drying station.

And I even brought out this:

Car WashNothing like a wash and blow dry for your vehicles!

IMG_6695 Car WashThey both enjoyed it, although J was a little more enthusiastic than A. A washed and dried his cars and was done, while J washed and dried each of his vehicles multiple times for as long as I let him.

Car WashAnd when we were done we had shiny fresh vehicles ready to take their next spin! A perfect way to spend 45 minutes of our fall break!

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