Why we love the library

I know I have said this before, but I’ll say it again, J loves the library. He especially loves story time, but he also loves picking out books and movies. Some weeks we’ll pick out one or two books, but other weeks…

Library StackWe’ll return with a whole stack! The book “Dog Biscuit” and “Secret Pizza Party” have been the two favorites of his choices, but we have read all of them most days. J was not an eager reader when he was a baby, but we were really persistent and read around him with A. This lead to him being more interested in books and now he brings more books for me to read than A does!

In addition I had one book on my list to check-out and ended up with three…

Library BooksI am already about 50 pages in to Mindy Kaling’s book and it is hilarious. I had read some good reviews on it and needed a break from Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch. While I do like The Goldfinch I am struggling with A) How a thirteen year old boy has some many pointedly descriptive thoughts and B) When this book is going to start moving in a bit faster direction. I am determined to finish it, but decided to take a one book break with Minday Kaling’s book. Well one book turned into three books. David Sedaris’ book has been on my list as well, and when I saw it sitting near Mindy Kaling’s book I scooped it up. Then as J and I were wandering about (J likes to walk around through all of the books after story time…mind you I was carrying the stack of books above along with my choices at this time..I need to get smart and carry a tote bag) I saw they had gotten in a new selection of Agatha Christie novels. Here’s hoping I can finish all of these in a month! And then back to The Goldfinch.

Happy Reading!

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