Whisking, cookies, sock puppets, and sorting

Just a typical week day. Entering into our last month of summer vacation, the boys and I have been embarking on a hodgepodge of activities each day. Today we made chocolate chip cookies (the recipe is courtesy of famous chef Nestle Tollhouse):

IMG_2692 A worked on his whisking.

IMG_2694 I worked on taking pictures from above the bowl…as seen here.

IMG_2696 We added chocolate chunks and chocolate chips.

IMG_2697J flipped through an old magazine while we worked and carefully tore out important articles.

IMG_2707 J sorted cards while the cookies baked, one of his very favorite activities right now.

IMG_2705A ran around with socks on his hands and made up a very elaborate song and dance to go along with his sock puppets.

Chocolate chip cookiesAnd then finally the cookies were done and ready for taste testing! J looks concerned here, but they were really quite tasty.

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