What’s the Matter?

When A started running a fever the Sunday night of Fall Break, I knew it might turn into a long week of staying at home. And after confirming that on Monday, I immediately started thinking of different activities that we could do that week to keep the boys entertained. One of those activities was a little worksheet (PDF for the worksheet here) and science project I made up for A called “what’s the matter?” This really speaks to A’s interest in how things work, what things are, what they are made of, etc.

What's the MatterSo I made this worksheet, and then A and I went around the house and he picked out different things and we discussed if it was a solid, liquid, gas, or plasma. Then he wrote down the different items in the different categories (plasma was hard. We picked lightning, and watched a video about lightning).

Then to get J in on the action we attempted to make flubber….

what's the matterWhich is supposed to be a liquid substance that turns into a solid substance before your eyes.

what's the matterAnd it did that…kind of. I think I needed the water to be warmer, as it half solidified, but not enough for the boys to play with it. However, as we were being scientists we observed and recorded and discussed why it didn’t solidify, and what we could do differently the next time. And that’s it! Enjoy!

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