What we’re reading…

Books to readFor me:

BooksI’m loving the Agatha Christie one so far, about to start the mystery stories, and I’m in total agreement with this post about Crazy Rich Asians. Oh and I had to quit The Clasp. I read about 150 pages and finally gave up after B convinced me to pick something else. I think he was tired of me rolling my eyes and sighing loudly in frustration about the language and story line of the book.

B is reading:

Books to readHe picked it out on a suggestion from a friend and is about half way through the book. So far, he’s really enjoying it. I was wondering if it would be similar to castaway…here I am sitting on a planet hanging out, talking to a volleyball, but B said it’s not.

A is reading so much I can hardly keep up, here are his current favorite series:

Books to readEach of these has at least 30 plus books in the series and several have super/extra editions. A has an on-going list of the ones he wants to read and I’m continually putting a stack on hold at the library to pick up on my way to work.

And here are some of J’s current favorite series:

Books to readJ has learned from A that if there is one book of a type that he likes, there are probably more. He will tell me “I want to find all the Pete the Cat books!” and I happily oblige working on creating a library list on Sundays and then picking them up later in the week.

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