Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend we went from rain to freezing cold in less than twelve hours. Based on that we spent quite a bit of time hanging out around the house, recuperating from our week back to work and school.

The boys started off the weekend playing Minecraft online with their cousins (their current very favorite thing to do. They can talk! To each other! Over the gamepad! Loudly!). My sister and I would tell you the consensus is still out on whether it is quieter or louder with them playing the game at separate houses. Weekend Wrap UpWe ended our Friday evening playing Candyland (J is currently loving all board games and we play one at least once a day).

Weekend Wrap UpA would want to report that he finally captured Mr. Game and Watch on Super Smash Brothers…he’s been battling this guy for weeks!

Weekend Wrap UpWe finally caved and took part in Target’s bath sale and bought all new towels. Truth time: I had some of the same towels that I got as a graduation present. From high school.

Weekend Wrap UpI have to share my favorite new dry shampoo…it doesn’t create a cakey mess in your hair and it doesn’t smell over powering:

Weekend Wrap UpA has to cut and paste 100 words for a 100th day of school project, so he got to work on that this weekend (and surprisingly loved it…thank goodness!):

Weekend Wrap UpAnd while he was working on that, J was finishing up a little snowflake he had started at preschool:

Weekend Wrap UpAnd then went back to work completing a puzzle (his second favorite thing to do right now):

Weekend Wrap UpAnd on Sunday, after J spent much of the night coughing (he is suffering from an on going, cold weather related, cough, poor boy), we decided to forgo church and streamed it at home (isn’t technology awesome?!), while playing play doh and painting:

Weekend Wrap Up Weekend Wrap Up

We ran, we played, and now we are rested up to head back to another week of school and work!

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  1. Ulta or Sephora! It’s pricey, but the scent’s not as strong as the Dove one I typically use (which is also good, btw…just more fragrant).

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