Weekend vibes

Right now I’m staring an odd open space in our living room because we moved our furniture for the a Christmas tree but haven’t put up the tree yet. The boys convinced me this weekend to start getting Christmas out, so I’m slowly putting everything up including this guy:

It does feel a little weird to put up Christmas, especially because it’s 75 degrees again, however, in a weird year, I’m rolling with it. And apparently we have reached the plague where hundreds of lady bugs and giant praying mantis show up:

I mean. I’m hoping she eats lady bugs. In exciting news we had a baby deer show up in our backyard:

It was sooo cute! It was jumping and prancing around, I love having the tree line behind us! Sadly J missed his last baseball game of the season because he has an ear infection. However a giant cookie from Edgar’s Bakery helped ease the disappointment:

And playing Mastermind with B:

I also cooked up the sweet potato casserole I mentioned in my Friday Favorites:

I may have added marshmallows on the topping because my boys wanted marshmallows. Happy Monday!

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