Weekend updates

This weekend we got new library books:

Library booksAnd thankfully could renew Star Wars: The Ultimate Visual Guide, A’s FAVORITE of the moment.

I also renewed the Agatha Christie book I’m reading and painted my nails:

IMG_2571You thought I was going to show a picture of my hand holding a bottle of nail polish, didn’t you? HA!

My Nannie used to carry around this little list in her pocket and whenever my Dad would go over she would casually peek at it and then tell him things she needed him to do…so I am carrying the torch and now doing that to B (and sometimes my Dad too…since he can’t seem to come over without me having him look at something, or help me with something). I just realized I have a yellow sticky note pad in my drawer right now with stuff written on it! AH!

Continuing on, I had a list of things I wanted B to help me with over the weekend; which included:

TV AnchorAnchoring our flat screen television because J can reach it and tries to turn it on and off.

And also helping me update our windows in the study from this:

Before curtains

To this:

Curtains AfterThe rod and curtains used to be in my parents’ dining room, but they are moving and didn’t have a place for them. It is amazing how it makes the room look so much bigger.

My Mom handmade the curtains and they are fabulous! Here is an up close view:

IMG_2577 IMG_2578

And I’m slowly turning the boys’ bathroom into the Winchester Mystery House of projects (if you don’t know the story, you should check it out!). Their old towel rod fell apart while I was putting it back together after painting, so I had to fill holes, paint over, etc. I also got their lettering up over the shower, which was no small feat! I can’t wait to share when I am completely finished!

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