Weekend Roundup

Is it Monday already? We spent the weekend reading, reading, reading, and playing outside soaking as much of this fabulously warm weather as possible

However, we kicked off the weekend on Friday with A’s month long reading program at school. I am so infinitely proud of this boy! Weekend Round UpAfter a bout of bad croup and an ear infection J is finally (slowly) getting back to his normal happy self. And he is soooo excited to turn 4 this week! I can barely believe he is almost 4!

Weekend Round UpOn Friday night B and I tested out a new game, Pandemic, and had frozen hot chocolates. Good game, good dessert:

Weekend Round UpA has been reading all sorts of books for his reading program, and J is more than happy to listen:

Weekend Round UpOn Saturday the boys had ice cream and movie night (Penguins of Madagascar):

Weekend Round UpAfter the boys were tucked into bed, Brian and I finished up the Netflix series Master of None (which is quite funny):

Weekend Round UpOn Sunday, the boys spent a ton of time outside playing Ninja Warrior and just swinging:

Weekend Round UpThe great happiness of just swinging.

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