Weekend fun!

This weekend A started back into baseball, we took the boys to see Zootopia, and celebratory frozen yogurt and books for J and I’s hard work on refurbishing our front garden bed (post to come).

Here is the obligatory family selfie shot before Zootopia:

IMG_6767The boys liked the movie, but what they loved was the song and “music video” during the credits. Hence we and one other family were the last to leave the theater.

After getting home and getting the boys to bed, B and I watched Spy (which is in fact, hilarious if you haven’t seen it) and I flipped through my new InStyle (my favorite mail of the month!):

Weekend HappeningsWhile J and I worked on the garden A set up an intricate treasure hunt of sticky notes for J to find a prize:

Weekend UpdateJ was super excited about his prize (these are his trying to look at the camera while also trying to watch the cartoon on Netflix eyes):

Weekend UpdateAfter J and I worked all morning getting the garden together and A had a lengthy baseball practice, I figured we needed a treat, so we went to Yogurt Mountain  and to pick out some new books:

Weekend UpdateAnd play with the trains:

Weekend UpdateLove seeing A reading among a stack of chapter books:

Weekend Update

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