Updates, Super A’s Phrase of the Day, and The Recipe I am Trying Tonight

So here’s what we did for ten hours over two nights this weekend…

New paint. Finally. I can stop being the woman crawling the pale yellow walls of our house (have you read that short story? I think it was meant to terrify those of us who spend a majority of our time at home).

By the way the paint is a Sherwin Williams knock-off of Benjamin Moore’s Gray Horse color. I got the color idea from this post on Urban Grace Interiors Blog. I couldn’t be more happy with it. In fact I was so excited by the new color I decided I needed to do some other (yet far less expensive) re-do’s. I got super inspired by this post. And from that I created…


Fabulous! All with bottles found around the house.

So now that I have discussed all those items…it’s time for Super A’s phrase(s) of the day:

“Pick-e- Up Please” (when he wants to be picked up)

“Where ‘bastian? Where Paddington? I really miss them” (when he is thinking of his doggies at my parents)

“Spider, right there! Spider, right there!” (he has a meticulous eye that is able to catch the tiniest spider…or piece of fuzz. Guess it’s time to vacuum.)

Right under where Super A is sitting there is a clear statement on the truck that says…DO NOT SIT ON THIS TOY.

And finally…

Must Try Brownies.

It’s from Giada at Home. You can find the complete recipe here. It combines raspberry, brownies, and white chocolate. I’m thinking this will go over well when it’s my turn to bring snacks at Bible Study this fall! 🙂

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