A has learned how to pull himself up! He has been trying for about a week and he finally figured it out. It came as quite a surprise because he decided to pull himself up in the crib at my Mom’s house. He was taking a nap and apparently decided to wake up and stand up. My Mom heard him talking on the baby monitor and went in to find him standing up and holding on to the top rail of the crib. He had not figured out how to do this until yesterday. A is tall so we are now lowering all of our cribs to the lowest setting. I tried him out in our crib when we got home to see if he could do it again and he immediately pulled himself up to standing position. He is very proud of himself! Here is a picture of him standing up in his crib.

Standing up!
Standing up!

It’s amazing how they all of the sudden catch on to these things. In just the past few days A is crawling faster, and saying the words “more” and “done”. It’s so fun to see him make all these new accomplishments!

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  1. Ooooh, this is so exciting! Hopefully it will be awhile before you find him with one leg over the top rail, though, haha.

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