Two trees

two treesBesides pulling together a creative lounge system, our other big accomplishment of Fall Break was getting two trees for our backyard. We worked together with the placement of our neighbor’s tree to provide some much needed shade from the sun. After much debating, online looking, and wandering about a local nursery we found our perfect trees. Here is a bit more about our process…

We were very excited that one of our local tree nurseries was having a fall sale, so we were able to get the trees, get them delivered, and get them planted a great price. Initially we thought we’d plant them ourselves, which we laughed about afterwards.

two trees

The boys did not want to go tree shopping, until they realized that tree shopping is essentially a boy’s paradise:

two trees

My parents also came along because they were also buying trees, and as novice tree buyers we needed some advice (and monitoring of rock jumping):

two trees

J wanted this stick (that made me feel like the parent from The Christmas Story “you’re going to poke your eye out!”): two trees

When they delivered the trees I was a bit overwhelmed at how massively tall they were. It took the guy who planted them well after dark to get them planted and staked, and so we were watering trees at 7:30 at night:

two trees

Then B spent a good part of the next weekend building a rock boundary for the trees and filling them with mulch, and now they are standing tall and lovely:

This is our October Glory:

two trees

And our Red Maple:

two trees

I just walked out the other morning to find the October Glory filled with red leaves. J is now completely obsessed with the tree, and is checking on it throughout the day. We picked both trees because they don’t have flowers (allergy and bee city), and in the past neither B nor I have had allergy issues around maples. So we’ll see. All I know is the boys are already plotting and planning picnics under the “shade” of their two trees.

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