Two books down…seven to go


Two of SevenI finished two of my seven books! I thought I would share my musings about them if you would like…

Life of Pi was (as many of you already know) was excellent. It is written in a Virginia Wolf train of thought style that makes you feel like you are right there in the story and inside the narrator’s head. Not surprisingly (as it has won awards), it is incredibly well written and captures your attention from beginning to end. There is no fluff, or any part that makes you feel like you are skimming to get to the good parts. It’s all good.

I finished A Homemade Life in a weekend. I have said before that I love books about cooking, food, and the stories behind them. This book wonderfully weaves stories of the food that the writer created and I marked page after page of recipes I wanted to try. And I did! I made the Dutch Baby Pancakes from the book and they were a hit:

dutch baby pancakesI made two pans of them and they were all gone by dinner’s end. I liked the recipe because it seemed similar to a German pancake recipe my Mom made for us when we were younger. So good! The lemon on them makes them amazing…of course you’ll want to read the book to get the full recipe. And you should! It’s excellent.

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