Two books down, five to go….plus a few extras

Wuthering Heights

The Wuthering Heights board book is J’s go to library book. If it’s there he picks it to check-out. The boys created a great library game at home, and were playing really well until A decided that someone else had checked-out Wuthering Heights. J was MAD! I think it’s all the doors on the houses that are in the book…the kid is obsessed with doors. In addition to that rambling, here is my update on my summer reading if you would like to see…

Tiffany InspiredFirst up, one checked off my list and an extra. I thought Fifth Avenue was really interesting and now I’m planning to re-watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It was a little slow at times, but I liked the back story of the movie. I also have Truman Capote’s Breakfast at Tiffany’s on hold at our library to read. I haven’t read it and it is apparently vastly different from the movie…to the point that he was not pleased with the story.

Summer at Tiffany is just a great summer read. It is a memoir, and it does a nice job of capturing the time period (the forties), and the feel for Tiffany as a store and organization. I picked it up while we were on vacation and read it in a day and a half.

Summer ReadingSecond up, one checked off my list and an extra. Peril at End House is a great classic Agatha Christie mystery, well planned out, with well placed clues and good story movement. I had it figured out before the end, so I was pretty proud of myself, HA! I picked up The Orchard because it was sitting beside A Homemade Life, and I’m always drawn to memoirs that include food knowledge (as this one did). I found it to be really interesting, especially when you realize the woman who wrote it has been writing novels for years (which I did not know, maybe you did!). It gives a very in-depth look at the process of farming, and the use of pesticides at that time. It makes you think, for sure!

On the Noodle RoadThe book I’m reading now is On the Noodle Road. Several of the books I put on my summer reading list are not available yet at our library, or I have holds on them waiting for them to be available, which is why I have extras. I borrowed my current book from my Mom and so far I’m really enjoying it! And it’s not just about noodles. 🙂

A Summer ReadingAnd finally, these are the two books A checked out from the library last week to read to me. He is working really hard on learning to read and I couldn’t be more proud of him! He can read the Dr. Seuss book with very little help, and most of the Mice are Nice book after a week of working on them.

Happy Reading!


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