Trip Essentials: Individual backpacks

For having small children, I would say that my husband and I (and most definitely my husband) have done more long distance traveling than we probably would have planned. Since we have several trips this spring, I thought I would share some of my tricks of traveling over the next few weeks!

So up first…individual backpacks.

I find it really essential that each boy has their own backpack. We usually have to stop at a hotel overnight on our trip to a place (because we are usually traveling someplace that takes more than 12 hours to get to….by car. What are we thinking??). While we do take toys for our final destination (more on that later), this prevents you from having to drag everything out of the car at each stop.

A usually packs:

1. Two peeps (bunny and squeaky)

2. Two-three small books (I love the ones from Chick-Fil-A)

3. Coloring book and crayons

4. A batman color appear book (you use a marker and the color appears…kind of like the color wonders, but slightly different…you can find them at Target)

5. A toy remote, cellphone, and sunglasses.

6. Two-three of his favorite snacks (Welch’s fruit snacks and mini poptarts)

7. A complete change of clothes….so important if they spill something on them on the road. Then you don’t have to go rummaging through suitcases to find new clothes.

This being J’s first trip with a backpack here is what I packed first:

1. Diapers and wipes

2. A complete change of clothes

3. Two peeps (lambie and knuffle bunny)

4. A container of puffs

5. Two touch and feel books

6. A play cellphone, remote, ball and little car.

Individual Backpacks Here is the layout of their bagsIMG_1583 Then you have to check and make sure it all fits and zips. A’s did perfectly. IMG_1584 As you can see here. IMG_1586However, J’s was pretty tight. It zipped, but with hardly any room to spare. That means every time you try to get something out then you will have to drag everything out. So I took out the ball and chunky cellphone and exchanged it with a smaller toy cellphone and his Sophie the Giraffe. I also switched the toy car for two little people figures. J sometimes decides to throw stuff and I thought we would rather get hit with that than the harder toy car.

So this is how my crazy organizing mind works! Up next, I’ll blog about how I organize toy and snack items in the car and my essentials for the car itself….and you will wonder if Danny Tanner has completely taken over my blog. Happy Monday!

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