Trip Essentials: A tale of two backpacks…

Two backpacksAfter hemming and hawing over what to carry on our trip, I was debating two options at DSW last week. One was a messenger and one was a striped backpack. My sister and I decided against both options because the messenger was two different colors of leather (and not in a good way) and the striped backpack was a bit young looking. However, I kept going back to this picture and decided I was going to go for it. So, now that backpack is on my list for before the trip shopping this weekend. Along with my backpack choice, I finished up my packing list for our vacation if you’re interested…

The four main things I think about when creating our packing list is: transportation, location, time gone, and washer/dryer access. For this trip the answers are: car, B’s parents, 8 days, and yes. The trip will take us two days by car (you can make it in one day, but not with our boys), so that also means I am also packing (per B’s request) an overnight duffel bag for our hotel stop.

In addition to my packing list the boys will each have a backpack to take with them for small items they choose to bring. I now have the rule (at A’s age, but J amazingly follows suit) if you pack it you carry it for their backpacks. This eliminates the “I want to stuff everything possible in it, so I can’t hardly pick it up” issue.

So here is my PDF packing list for our trip.

And in case you want more packing ideas check out the things I always pack, and my city travel essentials. And you can search for “trip essentials” on the blog for even more ideas! In case you couldn’t tell I love organization… 🙂

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