At first glance these six pictures don’t typically go together. However in the tree house exhibit at our botanical gardens they blend perfectly. I have been wanting to get our little cupcake over to the tree house exhibit at some point during the summer and when Nana and Grandpa came to visit we had the perfect opportunity to go!

It was a bit more of a walk than we expected, especially since our little adventurer insists that he walk everywhere. This led to us taking turns carrying him for a good part of the trip when he got tired.

First we wandered into a flower pot….

Then we stopped to listen and watch the miniature train…

And then we took a quick photo-op at the bonsai exhibit…

(Obviously our little cupcake wanted to move on to the next exhibit…he couldn’t be too bothered with pictures!)

We then trekked on to the frontier tree house…

Which our little adventurer did not want to visit. We could only get him in the door for a few seconds and he did not like it. I can’t say I blame him…the great frontier isn’t really my style either!

From there we traveled down a trail of flowers…

To find….

A stick.


A garden hose.

Sometimes I think the only toy our boy really needs is a garden hose.

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