Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo SelfParks and Recreation is one of my all time favorite shows, and the “Treat Yo Self” episodes are a big part of the reason why. Every year for my sister’s birthday and for my birthday my Mom and my Dad (when he’s not working on cars in his shop) take us on a “Treat Yo Self” day (where they treat), where we go shopping for my birthday gifts and out to lunch. It’s one of my very favorite things, so here’s a re-cap of our day (as I’m about to be 34! what!).

Shopping at JCrew?? Treat Yo Self.

Treat Yo SelfMatching sweaters at Anthropologie? Treat Yo Self:

Treat Yo Self

Selfies with my gorgeous Mom and sister before lunch at Connor’s? Treat Yo Self:

Treat Yo Self

Sephora bag of goodies? Treat Yo Self!

Treat Yo Self Treat Yo Self

And finally, my Dad carrying all our bags:

Treat Yo SelfCause he’s awesome. My Dad is a total guy’s guy (as I said he builds cars now that he’s retired), but don’t let that fool you. He loves to shop with us! Love my family! Thanks to my Mom and Dad for an awesome day!

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