Time with Daddy

It’s rare that B is able to take off work when someone is not sick. He had two days this week with the boys, so I had him document all of their adventures!

First up, B took J to the trail on Monday morning. The trail is on J’s top five lists of places to go (his top 5 requests that we hear daily are: 1. Granna & Papa’s 2. Aunt K’s house 3. Trail 4. Storytime 5. Take a walk). They threw rocks in the water, stirred leaves with big sticks, and examined all the different leaves of fall.

Trail with Daddy Trail with Daddy Trail with Daddy Trail with DaddySecond up, B hasn’t had a chance to see A at his tennis lessons this fall, so he took him to his tennis lesson and got to see what he has learned:

1. He has learned the backhand:


2. The forehand:


3. How to avoid getting hit by the ball by playing a game called “skittles” (his favorite!):


4. And they started practicing volleys this week!


Both of the boys have been reluctant bicycle riders, however, B is working on changing that, so one of their newest activities is bicycling around the track at A’s elementary school:Bicycling Bicycling BicyclingA has improved greatly, and now loves their bicycle sessions. J, however, is stubbornly refusing to pedal his tricycle. We are trying to decide if he needs a bigger trike for motivation, or if he still isn’t ready to move beyond walking the bike around. Which is why you don’t see him in any of the above pictures. He was kicking a soccer ball between the goals and admiring all of the construction vehicles nearby.

I know all of my boys really enjoyed their time together! It’s nice to have a little mini vacation every now and then. 🙂

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