Thoughts on a Wednesday Morning

Happy Wednesday! Are you excited for new fall shows? I am watching Grey’s Anatomy, Big Bang Theory, Parks and Recreation, finishing up the Project Runway season, and Modern Family. I am also watching Dancing with the Stars to vote for Kelly Monaco, my favorite actress from General Hospital. I watched General Hospital pretty much throughout graduate school and I still occasionally tune in (or I just read the spoilers on-line, HA!).

Here’s the book I’m reading:

I am enjoying it, especially the recipes. Their method is a bit extreme, and the author discusses quite a bit about the cost of gas for the food to be sent to our local stores. I counter that statement with the cost of gas for me to drive to a decent farmer’s market. I have to say I really admire the fact that they eat such a hefty amount of vegetables…if I could get my family to eat perhaps a quarter of that amount I’d be happy. It has also inspired me to start our garden up again next spring…we’ll see if I can actually make it happen!

Oh and my roast turned out tasty:

Can you take a tasty picture of a roast? I feel like it looks like a chicken here. A very tan chicken.

I also made potatoes to go along side it and gave J a taste (without the added milk of course), and his face was priceless. He basically rolled it back out of his mouth and looked at me as though I had given him a helping of mud. So no potatoes for now.

I am currently watching for this shirt to go on sale:

Now don’t you go buy them before they do! HA!

And depending on when J baby wakes up from his nap we may try to make a trip to Hobby Lobby…I need black felt for bat wings (A is going to be a bat this year for Halloween), and I am hoping to find some spooky cats because A has asked for some. I love these little cut-outs from Etsy as well:

Oh and a flashback photo…let’s compare cheese grins shall we?

A “2010”

J “2012”

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