This kid…

This kid

has decided that he wants to be a big boy much sooner than his Momma is ready for it. In the span of a week, J has decided he no longer needs a bedtime bottle, he no longer needs a morning nap, and he does not want to be carried, anywhere, ever.

It has never really been my thing to “baby” the boys, but it is amazing to me how much faster J has let go of baby things than A did. His pacifier, being rocked at night, all of those things are almost a non-existent memory with J. He so completely wants to be right in the middle of what his brother is doing, that he is so eager to leave all those little aspects of babyhood behind.

However with all those aspects of being a baby he has left behind, he still plops himself down in my lap when we are reading a book, and waves us bye as he goes to bed. My absolute favorite thing he does right now, is to come up to me and pat my face with his hand and he says “Mama, muah”, and then he gives me a kiss on the cheek. Heart melting! As long as he doesn’t let that go for a long time I think I will make it. 🙂

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