This kid…

J BabyThe one standing in the sprinkler that is…

Likes us to tell him “goodnight little baby” in a cookie monster voice.

Will walk up and give you a great big kiss with a loud “muah” and then run off laughing.

HATES riding in the car still.

Walked across the air track at Little Gym for the first time like the no fearing champ that he is.

Loves to accessorize with whatever he can find.

Can undo the locks on almost all of our child safety door knobs and door latches.

And this kid…

Super ACan play Mario better than I can.

Puts on snow gloves, a foam sword in the back of his shirt, and calls himself “Alexander the Snowtrooper Clone”

Still loves to help me paint, cook, and read at home.

Has told me he is going off to work when he turns 5 (what is it about 5?)

Is obsessed with Boba Fett (again I ask, what is it about Boba Fett? He’s not even a central character).

Built his own Lego dinosaur, complete with moving tail (and it looked like a dinosaur, and did I mention the tail moved? Crazy!)

And that’s all. Happy Tuesday 🙂

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  1. Love them! Give them hugs & kisses from cousin Stephie! And, I’m going to call you back in the morning – it’s been a couple of crazy afternoons at work this week. 🙂

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