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Best chocolate chip cookieThis is a post hodgepodge of around our house right now. Like a personal Friday Favorites on a Tuesday! We’ll start off with what B says is the best chocolate chip cookie ever and then continue on…

When I went back to work full time there were three big projects that I wanted complete. One was the play set for the boys, the other was painting our hallway and bedroom, and the last one was installing hardwood in our living room…

New hardwoodI have HATED our carpet in the living room almost from the moment we moved in eight years ago and I was so glad to see it go!

J being blonde and being in the pool so much this summer I am constantly looking for ideas to keep his hair from turning green and getting coarse. One of the Moms I talk to at his swim team said they mix conditioner with water and soak their hair before getting in the pool:

Hair ConditionerI already had this bottle of detangler that was almost empty, so I just added about one and a half tablespoons of Honest conditioner to it and then filled it with water. I just shake it up before I spray it on J’s hair.

The boys and I were waiting on a prescription at Walgreens so we ended up wandering around and purchased a new clear cosmetics case and nail polish:

New cosmetic caseThe key to having the boys help me shop for stuff like this is to let them pick (J picked the blue-“in the cab-ana” and A picked the pink-“guilty pleasures”).

My go to travel outfit (or running errands, or taking kids to the doctor outfit):

Travel outfit

And finally, I just finished this book:


And loved it! Such a great read. Good thing I’m done because B asked me when I was going to finish the book the other night and I said why? And he said “Marcus Samuelsson stares at me every night” And I said “what?”



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