The Very Tiny Caterpillar

Unfortunately our large tomato plant has met its imminent demise. While working to transform our garden from trash-ish heap to actual garden again, Super A and I had to take down the tomato plant. At first I was going to just throw it away, but then Super A spotted this:

Two Tiny Caterpillars.

“Poor Caterpillar,” Super A said solemnly, “he hungry and tired”. Then we proceeded to shoo shoo a fly that kept nearing the caterpillar and fed them leaves.

“Poor tiny caterpillar, he need a hug” Super A continued. I had to tell Super A that he couldn’t actually hug the caterpillar. I did not have the heart to throw Super A’s new friends away. So we left them there as it started to rain to hopefully continue on their quest to become “a beautiful butterfly!” (Super A’s favorite part of the book).

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