The Ultimate Sensory Box

In the fall in the South it is always a temperature roller coaster until it reaches winter. Some days it feels like Seattle (or I assume so, having only visited the city through Grey’s Anatomy and Twilight…ha!), we pull out sweaters and jeans and head out to the store if we haven’t bought those yet! Then the temperatures will hit the 80s again, and we pull the shorts and t-shirts back out. It’s windy, it’s sunny, it’s cloudy, it’s the low 40s in the morning, high 70s in the afternoon…ahh!

Despite riding that roller coaster every year it is a great opportunity to be outside when it is nice because it’s not ridiculously hot like the summer. Since J Baby is crawling so much now (and pulling up, and trying to walk) I figured he would love being outside for a little while this morning. It was so funny to watch him, he carefully patted the grass, waved to the stump tree, and sat watching a few butterflies and the leaves float around in the wind. J is such a studier right now. He looks, deciphers, and carefully contemplates each little piece of grass and leaf.

Really? Pictures?

Putting his hands in the grass.

Checking out the stump tree. Yes it’s still here.

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