The Three Project.

This past weekend A took his birthday money and a gift card to Toys R’ Us and picked out a new Lego set. B and A have been working on it steadily all week and on Wednesday A asked if they would have time to work on it Wednesday night. This led to a discussion of Christmas gifts, and he said “Yeah I want the Lego Movie Space Ship Set…you can go ahead and get me that”. Silence. Uh, what? From my child’s mouth “you can go ahead and get me that?” Seriously?!! I had the same thought the other week when the Target toy catalog came in the mail and the boys grabbed it and started saying “I want that, I need that, J needs this!”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m getting the boys presents for Christmas. And no, I don’t adhere to that trend from last year of “I’m only getting my kids three presents”. We don’t shower the boys with gifts and trips throughout the year. They get presents on their birthday and Christmas and maybe a small item or toy in between. They get one vacation to one place. So, I don’t feel bad about getting them presents for Christmas. However, it has always been my goal that they are a) grateful for what they receive, and b) understand the true meaning of Christmas.

Going back to A’s previous statement. As soon as those words left his mouth I had an idea. First, we sat down and I had him tell me what Christmas was really about (The correct answer is: Jesus). He got that right. Score a point for church! Second, I asked him if he thought Jesus walked around saying “hey, it’s my birthday people, give me some presents”. He thought about that for a minute and then said, “no, Jesus was too busy helping people and stuff.” AND STUFF. HA! So then I told him that this holiday season we are implementing the three project.

The three project is our goal to find three ways to help or give to others this holiday season. A said “OH like the three gifts Jesus got from the wise men.” I seriously wasn’t even thinking about that, I just like the number three, but I said “yes, just like that.” If it makes sense to A all the better. A has already gotten busy thinking of ideas, some more doable than others (I’m going to go chop down all the Christmas trees and bring them to people is not the BEST idea). Anyway, my thinking is that this is a way to keep both boys thinking of others throughout the holiday season. I’ll keep you updated on each of our three as we go along, and I’d love to hear if you decide to join in!

The Three ProjectThe Three Project! Find three ways to give. One holiday season.

(I should copyright that. HA!)

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