The Three Project: Project 2

rice bowlsPretty sure I need to plan out my picture taking better. On the other hand this picture is a really good representation of our normal. Bluuuurrrr. ANYWAY. Our next project was donating change through rice bowls at our church. It is a simple project, you pick up a rice bowl and fill it with loose change and then return it. I got together with A and asked him what he would like to donate from his own piggy bank (which he carefully sorted through), and then from our change jar (which J particularly liked…”J put dime in the bucket!”).

What I also liked about this particular project is that our church had cards with pictures of children that were being helped by the donations. I put it on our fridge and A and I talked about the little boy in the picture and A said “he likes to play the same things I do!” If you are interested in the program you can find out more about it here.

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