The theory about boys and girls

The theory of boys and girls

When I was in high school my psychology teacher told us how she gave her twins (one boy and one girl) the opposite gender toys as their own to see how they would respond to them (let’s not get into the here or there on whether it is okay to do this….at the time I found it fascinating). I always remember how she said that her daughter would cuddle her trucks and put them to sleep and feed them bottles. And her boy took a doll, rocketed it through the air, and used its leg as a gun. True story. Which frankly soured me to the idea of having boys for a long time.

Believe it or not I was and am a very girly girl. I’m sure those of you who know me well are dying laughing that I feel I even need to state this. When I was little I had many, many dolls. Two of my most special dolls still hang out in my closet (one is an original American Girl doll that I got from my parents at age 8 or 9 and the other is a doll I got from my parents on my fourth or fifth birthday), waiting for some day when someone might play with them again. Sometimes I kind of feel like they are like the toys from Toy Story, just sitting all alone and one day they are going to run off to a day care so someone will play with them. Hahaha.

ANYWAY. While getting something out of my closet I had set one of the dolls down on the floor (not the American Girl doll…she has a special spot and lounging area, complete with a pouf and make-up mirror. Totally kidding. Don’t try to put me on that odd TLC I heart dolls show now). J was with me and he grabbed her by the hair and toddled out of the room with her laughing. I hurried after him figuring that it was only seconds before she was launched across the room. However, he carried her into the living room and plopped her in his shopping cart and proceeded to stare her down for the next fifteen minutes. Occasionally he poked her in the eye. And then he grabbed his magic bubble wand and frantically combed her hair (which was a bit mussed). I fixed her in the cart so she wouldn’t fall and he pushed his baby around for a few minutes. Then he was off to other things. However, that one moment relieved my fear that one day he won’t launch a baby across the room. Or use her as a weapon. Thank goodness.


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