The snow day that wasn’t

On Thursday night, our governor declared a state of emergency, and hence the boys’ schools closed for Friday. They were thrilled at the idea of building a snowman and playing out in the snow. Upon waking up the next morning, there was zero snow. And for the rest of the day there was no snow. So instead of playing in the snow, we had a no snow day of fun!

We made waffles: Waffles

Then bundled up and headed out to spend the boys’ Christmas money that was burning a hole in their pockets.  No snow day

We went to Toys R’ Us and J knew exactly what he wanted (a Lego set):

No snow day

And A wanted Pokemon cards:

However, A did not spend all his money at Toys R’ Us, so after a quick stop at Panera’s for lunch:

No snow day

We headed to Barnes and Noble for some book shopping:

And train playing:

No snow day

A picked out Treasure Island and a Steve Gibbs mystery book:

And then after we got home B and J got right to work on his new Lego set:

No snow day

Then next day it was bitterly cold, so the boys spent time playing Pokemon cards:

And had a dual chess and qixels set-up:

We are ready for temps to bounce back since it isn’t going to snow! Here’s hoping for 50 degrees and sunshine, so the boys can go outside!

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