The Return of the Elf on the Shelf

Today starts December! And today also starts the Christmas countdown (imagine this statement being included with the theme song from the final countdown and the segment intro of NFL football). One of our traditions that began the year A was born was the Elf on the Shelf. This year he is coming to our house and bringing three surprises for A (Christmas pajamas, an Advent calendar, and Christmas socks). One of my favorite traditions growing up was the Christmas socks that my Mom, sister, and I got every year. So now A gets to join in on the tradition!

The Elf’s Surprises.

The Elf.

A checking out his surprises.

We learned that a) A thinks all presents should be wrapped (take note Santa) and b) A believes that if the elf can’t see him then he can’t know what he is doing. I told him the elf can see him through the house with his bionic vision. HA!

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