The power of yogurt and pizza

I have found that there are two foods that I can serve in pretty much any way and style and the boys will eat: yogurt and pizza. The boys will both eat the spectrum of yogurt from greek yogurt, to fruit mixed yogurt, to cereal mixed yogurt, to yogurt with veggies, and so on and so on. It’s one of my favorites to find when we are traveling because I know that they will both eat it in any shape or form.

A’s current favorite is Yoplait Cars Vroom Vanilla:

Very Vanilla And J’s current favorite is Stonyfields Yo Kids Raspberry Greek Yogurt:IMG_2247

I tried to get a picture of the face he makes when he eats it because apparently it’s quite tart. He scrunches up his eyes and puts his hand on his head, like he has a brain freeze, but then he always wants more! Silly boy!

The second item that I can switch up and mix up is pizza. A and I made pizza last week and we used the following toppings:

Pizza IngredientsRagu pizza sauce (A’s request), mini pepperoni’s, sliced fresh spinach (from our potted garden!), provolone, sharp cheddar, and mozzarella cheese.

I made the crust using this recipe from Lauren’s Latest, and we cooked it at 500 degrees for about 9 minutes on a pizza stone (it’s faster than you can make a Totino’s pizza…just saying):IMG_2217

And the boys ate it up! Yum! A told me next time he wants to try artichoke hearts and fresh parsley. What I have found is that if he thinks of the item and helps me make it he will eat it. Although I still am not sold on his peanut butter and cheese pizza idea. 🙂

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