The power of four

IMG_6426I can’t say for sure if getting them matching shirts contributed to Auburn’s first win of the season. I can’t say it for sure, but I’d like to think it helped. They were certainly pumped about it. It’s cool to have matching shirts when you’re this age.

IMG_6430They spent the first part of the football game dramatically role playing, and searching for thunder.

IMG_6476Then they settled down and did the customary “War Eagle” yelling, and dancing about. That’s A saying “SEE, my shirt says AUBURN!” Yes, it does A.

IMG_6433And as the game lingered on (and then had an hour and a half rain delay), they settled into their couch and chair positions to read books and chat about random stuff. And these three. Best buds. Wherever M is J goes. And wherever M & J go Harley Dog tags along.

Whether it was the matching shirts, or just a great effort by Auburn, the boys had a great time watching the season opener. And…so it begins. Happy fall football!

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