The opposite route of A’s favorite bike trail

Nature PreserveWe headed out before impending rain on Saturday to walk the opposite direction of A’s favorite bike trail. Even though it has the same pavement ground on the main route, it has more shaded side paths that J loves, if you would like to read…

One of our favorite starting points for hiking is the interior of the Hayes Nature Preserve near our house. You drive in from the entrance about a 1/2 of a mile and park and there are several different routes you can take. On this particular day it was a bit muggy and buggy, so we took the pavement route that would be less muddy. We start out walking back toward our usual creek stop, but it is about .52 miles to the creek instead of .75 from the other direction. In addition there is a lot of side trails and things to see on the way…

Hayes Nature PreserveThe boys were especially intrigued by the large worm “webs”, the animal fossilized imprints, the “tractor graveyard”, and an especially enormous fallen tree.

J took his time to pat all of the wet spots on the ground:

photo2Yup…it’s wet. One of the things we work to do (and works better for them) is let them walk and wander at their own pace. It was also less crowded on this particular day, so we didn’t have to worry about quickly moving them out of the way for bike riders.

A always looks forward to walking to his favorite spot:

photoThe wooden bench at a clearing. He likes to sit there and think, he says. While this bike path is similar in structure to A’s favorite, it has much better shade cover, which makes for a cooler walk and a happier J. It also leads to their favorite stopping point…the creek, where they can toss rocks and look for tadpoles. And we managed to get back home before any of that impending rain streamed by south of us!

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