The One Where They All Turn Thirty: Random Thoughts on a Wednesday Afternoon

1. Have you seen the Friends episode: The One Where They All Turn 30? If you are turning 30 this year go back and watch it and decide which friend you were when you turned thirty (don’t have the DVDs? Trust me it will be on TBS about five more times this year. HA!)

Image from TBS.

2. I am trying to decide what to spend my birthday money on. I think I am going to finally purchase a pair of rain boots. I’m trying to decide between

[red], [yellow], or [gray].

3. I have already made Picky Palate’s Creamy Spaghetti crock pot meal this week, and now I’m attempting to turn this fabulous Sweet Tea Brined Chicken by Baked Bree into a crock pot meal.

4. I am loving Emma Watson’s pictures and styling in this New York Times article.

5. Pretty excited about the Patch NYC shop coming to Target this fall. Check out more about it here.

6. My boys best gift to me for my birthday? They both slept through the night last night and slept until about 7 (A) and 8 (J) this morning. It’s nice to feel a bit refreshed on my birthday!

7. Here’s my birthday cake from my husband and boys that they got for me last night (we celebrated a bit last night because A has soccer today):

8. And my Mom brought yummy bagels this morning for us! Nothing makes A leap out bed like the promise of a bagel.

9. Oh and stay tuned! Remember that six month birthday project I talked about for J last month? Well A and I completed it, A decided he wanted to keep it and now I am working on another one for J. I will post more about it tomorrow!

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