The Long Hiatus

It’s amazing how one week can morph into a week and a half, and pretty soon there is so much to blog about I’m not sure where to start. I’ve always been one of those people that I have to stay super active in something because once I start to lag behind procrastination settles in, and I’m not sure how to start back.

So this is my way of starting back. Our long hiatus. We walked away from one of the worst days in our area’s history with nothing more than a lengthy power outage and the loss of the contents of our fridge.  Despite seeing a wall cloud come across, and Super A having a distinctive story to tell and re-tell (Mommy grabbed me. We ran to the closet. I got a pacifier and a bunny. Aunt K said “what’s going on?”) we watched as surrounding areas were hit and hit again with tornadoes. I ask you to please not forgot these areas that were hit so hard. You can help by donating to the red cross, or checking out my good friend and fellow blogger Tales of a Peanut’s blog post here. She recaptures some of the best ways to help our area and our neighbors better than I could!

In addition please pray for all of the people in areas that were hit hard by the tornadoes. Many people lost their homes, neighbors, friends, and family.

During the power outage, my in-laws graciously flew us up to their home in Virginia. It was a relief considering I was in pretty bad shape from a sinus infection and a terrible reaction to a pneumonia vaccine. So now we are back! And the long hiatus is over.

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