The Library Book

I just finished The Library Book, and it just continued to support my love of libraries. From late night studying at my university library with a stack of Communication journals surrounding me, to ten years of story time with the boys, to our on-going hold list that I swing by and pick up on my way to or from work, I love the library.

I remember our pediatrician telling us at our first newborn visit with A that if all else fails just read to him. And that’s what I did. When we ran out of tummy time, and swing time, and playing/looking at toys, we read and read. I would check-out a stack of books and just sit with both boys and read.

One of their favorite shows (and mine) when they were small was Between the Lions, that was based in the library. We would watch every week and check out the books from the show at the library.

Each of the boys had a favorite book that they requested over and over. A’s was Little Cloud and J’s was Along A Long Road. I have purchased each of those books at this point to keep as a memory of their favorite books.

One of my favorite volunteer opportunities at the boys’ school is helping in the library. For a few short hours once a month I get to help check-out books, find the current Fly Guy book for a student, or try to learn the numbering system of all the non-fiction books.

So, what I’m saying is, if you love libraries like I do, you must read The Library Book. It’s an insightfully written book that gives you a wider perspective of the role of libraries within our culture. It also skillfully weaves in the LA Central Library fire in 1986 and its ramifications on the library, librarians, and their books. I enjoyed every minute of reading it and was sad when it ended. So go check it out!

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