The laundry room….phase II

Laundry refreshAbout a year ago, I posted this picture and stated that we were planning to re-paint and refresh our laundry room. I never got around to posting an after picture because it has seemed to be in constant transition since then. I am a mission this summer to finish the project….

Since last summer, we painted it (a color I don’t like, but it at least looks clean again), added in a second shelf over the dryer, got a new washer, and added white boxes to organize items on the top wire rack.

I also did a post about recovering and adding a shoe rack:

Shoe bench coverThat since last summer the boys broke:

Shoe benchBoys are rough on items.

So…with that in mind I decided I needed to do some refreshing and finishing this summer.

My first goal was to get rid of the coat rack that has been in there since we moved in:

Laundry RoomI love this coat rack, but the boys trip over it and it makes me nervous that they are going to fall on it and hurt themselves…and it was a little low. So that being said:

Laundry RoomI installed a four foot garment rack. These wire racks can be a pain to put up, but I use painter’s tape as an easy guide. I level the painter’s tape for the measurement of the rack and then install the screws according to the guide. No holding up a rack over and over! The biggest secret of these is that they have to be installed where there isn’t a stud, the anchors don’t work on studs. I use our stud finder to make sure there are no studs or electrical, etc.

On the other side of the wall….

IMG_5629I love our hat hanger and the boys’ pictures, but I realized the color palette I had considered last summer was way to dark for the room. So I am slowly re-painting the items in the room according to this palette…the sand color matches the paint of the room.

So now, that I am in the final stages of putting it all together I have an inspiration board of how I am going to finish it off:

Laundry Room Inspiration Board1. A better iron holder. I bought a cheap one from Target last year and I hate it. It always looks like the iron is about to fall out. This one from the Container Store is heat resistant and has a place for the cord.

2. Clothespins to fill up the lantern on the dryer. We have a lantern in the laundry room that holds all of our clothespins, but it looks goofy because it is half empty.

3. A matching hamper. It bothers me that the two hampers under the rack don’t match. This one is actually completely out of stock at Target, so I have been checking the site waiting for it to come back in. If it doesn’t, I like this one as well.

4. I love this glass container to hold extra detergent packs…I’m planning on putting it up high next to the flower picture I have over the washer and dryer.

5. Two of these bins to set on the wire rack. These are to hold the boys school bags, etc. because I know that after this spring the hat rack will not hold them anymore.

6. A fun fabric to match the new color scheme and act as a backing for the “dry erase” frame I have by the hat rack.

7. A rug for the middle of the room. Again, it picks up some of the colors of the palette but adds some extra brights. I want to see it in person, because I also have one at Hobby Lobby that I have been looking at.

8. A track light. I think part of the reason I dislike the color in the room is that the lighting is SOOO bad. I am looking at this light because I think it will spread out the light in the room and brighten it some.

9. A utility holder. This is a must. I measure to have enough space next to the new wire rack to put this holder.

10. This is a maybe. Even though the box looks deceptively small on here, I have measured the dimensions and it is quite large. I haven’t decided until I see it if I am going to use it to replace our “half a shoe bench”, or if I’m just going to recover the bottom of the remaining bench.

It will be several weeks before I finish it completely, but I will be sure to share (in less than a year!) when I do!

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  1. So fun to see you using my color palette as inspiration for your laundry room! I love what you’re doing in there and can’t wait to see how it turns out. Everybody loves a pretty and tidy laundry room! 😉 xo

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