The Christmas Countdown: Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers and PreSchoolers

So after much careful thought here is my stocking stuffer list for A and J:

Christmas Countdown81. For J: A small rubber ball. His favorite game right now is tossing a small rubber ball of A’s back and forth, but A refuses to completely give up the ball for J, so he needs one of his own. This is a Melissa and Doug, but I typically pick one out from the dollar bin at Target or Wal-Mart.

2. For J: Llama Llama Nighty Nighty. J mainly loves touch and feel books right now, but he LOVES Llama Llama Wakey Wake….so I am getting him the nighttime version.

3. For A: Fine tip slender markers. A has been asking for more of these.

4. For J: Fisher Price Poppity Pop Train.

5. For J: A new newsboy cap, since it has become his trademark. This one is from Target, but you can also find them at Gymboree.

6. For A: Angry Birds socks because A loves socks and angry birds.

7. For A: Design pattern safety scissors. My Mom actually picked these up for A a few months ago, but I had stored them away for a special occasion (AKA I put them in a drawer and forgot they were there…..).

8. For A…but more for my nephew J-O: Incognito mustaches from Land of Nod…because they are hilarious and truly the only one in our family that could rock these babies is J-O.

9. For A and J: Rub a Dub Monsters in Our Tub…A loved these, until they became filled with black mold and I had to toss them. I am going to buy them again and seal them.

10. For J: Anthropologie letter J for his room.

11. For J: A new lambie. Have I mentioned that J does not use a pacifier anymore? A month or so ago when he was sick he stopped using it and we put them all up. However, his must have is his lambie and he chews on the ears. And it stinks. I mean like, smells. So I am going to slowly replace them, or at least have a nice one for him to have when we are out.

12. For A: Toboggan from Target. Do you say toboggan? Or beanie? Or knit cap? Anyway, A needs a new one because none of his fit.

13. For A: Big words flashcards from Anthropologie. A is obsessed with words right now and what they mean. He would love these!

14. For A: Step into Reading Super Heroes book. I love all of the step into reading series because they are thin inexpensive books, but great for readers and non-readers alike. Perfect for stockings.

15. For A, J-O, and M: All of the boys get hot wheels in their stockings from Granna and Papa. For obvious reasons.

16. For A, J-O, and M: Ninja cookie cutters. I am actually getting these to go on top of each of my nephews’ gifts this year. Again for obvious reasons.

17. And finally for A: Toy Story Flossers, because he got some at the dentist this week and said “I hope Santa brings me some of these, they are cool”. Seriously. Odd child.

And a few other items that are on my list for the boys’ stockings:



Candy cane

Little candy box

Yogurt Bites

Mini mouse timer (you can find them at Target)


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  1. I call it a beanie since a tabogon is a type of sled, just sayin. And let me know how the plugging of the monster bath toys goes. We tried hot glue with some of Veve’s bath toy s and it didn’t work.

  2. I am thinking about using Gorilla Glue for them, if I can actually find them. I haven’t had any luck at the stores I have tried.

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