The Christmas Countdown Extra: Holiday Subway Art

I have two larger frames that sit on our mantel that I change out at Christmas, birthdays, etc. Last year I had Christmas fabric in the frames, but this year I was inspired by the Christmas subway art I had seen and decided to test out my own. For this tutorial because I had frames, I cut out cardboard and painted it to place in the frames. However, you can do this same idea using a canvas.

You will need:

Cardboard cut out to your size frame (or canvas size of your choosing)

Acrylic paint (I used white, silver, red, and green)

Sponge paint brushes

Painters tape (Go smaller with the width of the painters tape)

Stickers that will lift easily (if you want to go crazy like I did on my first attempt)

Directions (my picture taking was not great with this project, just fair warning)

So steps 1-3:

1. Cut cardboard to frame size (or pull out your canvas)

2. Paint the cardboard (or canvas) white. If you want some staying power with the canvas I would suggest using a primer first. It will take longer (the primer needs to set for a few hours), but it will last longer. Do at least two coats of white paint, then let dry for at least two-three hours (you don’t want your tape pulling up the underneath paint.

3. Cut out painter’s tape, place stickers, etc. with whatever words you want to use.

4. Paint over the painters tape and stickers (very carefully) with your top coat of paint. Again do two coats.

Only let this sit until it is dry to the touch (I wouldn’t wait longer than thirty to forty five minutes). This is so you don’t rip up the underneath of the cardboard or canvas when you remove the tape and stickers.

5. Carefully remove the painters tape and stickers. Right after you remove the tape and stickers it will look like the picture on your left:

So then you are going to go back after the paint dries completely and re-paint over the words with white paint. This will cover up any paint that has seeped through. I did one coat, let it dry for an hour, then did another.

6. Then let it dry completely (at least over night) especially if you are framing it, so no wet paint sticks to your frame: And voila:

Finished product!

So as this was my first attempt, it was a little bit all over the place (which I like the quirky factor of it), however, you may want to avoid the stickers and go more straight forward. So here is a second one:

Follow all steps as before, except for this one, I used a base white coat mixed with a bit of silver. I only used painters tape for this one, it was faster and neater.

And here is the finished product:

I liked the larger words and it matches nicely with the other frame…now only the rest of the decorating left. 🙂

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