The Christmas Countdown Extra: DIY Card Holders

I whipped up a little DIY cardholder this year and so did my sister, so I wanted to share our creations!

Here is my sister’s:

She purchased the metal gift box decoration from Hobby Lobby and then attached three strands of 1 inch ribbon to the back. She finished it with a twine hook at the top and used mini clothespins to secure the cards.

And here is my creation:

I re-purposed a frame in our kitchen with burlap. The little ornaments are from Anthropologie.

If you want to see my process here are the nine steps:

Basically I covered the hard cardboard backing of the frame with burlap and created three pockets with the fabric and the use of a staple gun. I then fit the frame around that fabric decor and finished up with a glue gun on the back of it to make the fabric lay correctly. As you can see from step 7 there is no fancy finish to the back of this…it is a Monet if you will (The movie Clueless anyone?) The ribbon hanger is a faux hanger, I secured it to the wall with original backing and mount. Burlap can be kind of a bear to work with. You can find similar items like what I made on Etsy with probably a bit more refinement. 🙂

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