The Christmas Countdown: Baby JAM’s List

So here are the items I have on Baby JAM’s list for Christmas this year:

1. Melissa and Doug Geometric Stacker. J loves to systematically stack items, put items in a box, etc. This will be perfect for that! (It is for a recommended age of 2 and up, so it is a little above his age level)

2. Gap Jersey Knit Trapper hat. If you haven’t noticed J wears quite a few hats. Got to protect that little blonde haired bald head!

3. Tails by Matthew Van Fleet. J loves touch and feel books and this has a great combination of pictures, pop ups, and touch and feel items.

4.¬†Hug Toy Links and Baby Rattles. I first saw this on fellow blogger and friend Tales of a Peanut’s site. I have been planning to get it for Baby J for Christmas ever since! It is a great interactive toy link that grows with the baby!

5. Owl Puzzle by Dwell Studio. I love that it matches the “theme” of J’s room and it has numbers on it so it grows with him (I am always on the look out for that!)

6. Eric Carle 123 Flash Cards. A has these in the alphabet animal version. Both are really great. The pictures are vivid and they are really durable. I love these to make up games with the boys (such as find that animal, that letter, etc.).

And lastly a couple of other ideas: This personalized board book, this stackable xylophone, and these tiny superhero prints.

And if I had a DREAM wish list for J it would include this adorable mushroom pouf (love the texture and that he could stand up at it), and this fox blanket…both are out of my price range, but maybe not yours! Happy shopping!

**Disclaimer: I am obviously not paid for any of these recommendations. These are truly what I have on J’s list for potential Christmas items!

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