The best word book of J

One of J’s favorite books right now is Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever. He loves going through page after page, asking “what’s that?”. I had a flash of inspiration one afternoon to put together all of his likes and dislikes in a best word book ever inspired print. It was a hit at the party, especially with the grandparents! Here is how I displayed it:

Busy World of JI printed it out on cardstock and then used washi tape to put it on the chalkboard in our kitchen area.

Here is a close up:

Busy World DIY

As complicated as it may look, it was quite simple to put together. Here are the steps of what I did:

First, I put together all the wording, even the words that were going to go with the pictures. I spaced them out evenly among the page.

Second, I copy and pasted pictures of items to match the wording. I checked the pixel size of the images and then made them bigger or smaller on the page to match the idea of the book. *Make sure you select the images “behind words” so they are easy to move around.

Third, just check for formatting, and print on cardstock. All done! It’s a great little treasure for a birthday party, you could even make it smaller and give them as keepsakes for the grandparents!

And if you want more info, here is the PDF: Best Word Inspired Print. Enjoy!

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