The Big 3

Celebrating with a birthday bagel on his birthday day October 16th.

I’ve been meaning to complete this for awhile, but kept getting sidetracked with other posts, so better late than never! A compilation of things that A is into, accomplished, and looking forward to at the sweet age of 3.

A weighs in at 29.6 pounds (50th percentile), and around 38.5 inches high (75th percentile).

A is completely potty trained, we got rid of the pacifier a couple months ago, and he moved into his big boy bed this past February, so we actually accomplished my New Year’s Resolutions for him!

A is wearing 3T.

For breakfast A loves: waffles, bagels, life cereal, and “punchrise juice“.

For lunch A loves: PBJ sandwiches, grapes, turkey, cheddar cheese, and Apple and Eve Berry juice boxes.

For dinner A loves: lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, cheese/chicken quesadillas, and meatballs.

A loves playing hot potato, legos, hide and seek, and with his new bat cave.

A likes helping in the kitchen, going to the car wash, and looking for rockets, hawks, and cows when we are driving.

A’s favorite things about preschool are: music time, painting, playdough, and lunch.

A knows his colors, is counting to twenty, and knows all of his letters. We are moving on to phonics, with letter sounds.

What I love about A being in preschool: A has accelerated in learning letters and phonics, shapes, learning more new songs, and he is starting to read some. It has been awesome!

It’s hard to sum up a year in one post, which is part of why I have been putting it off, because A has grown so much this year. He is so excited about his baby brother’s impending arrival, he loves reading and asking us all about the books we read together, he loves discovering how things work and how things are made (Two of his favorite shows are Unwrapped on Food Network and How it’s Made on the Discovery Channel). He likes playing Mario Kart and of course is still singing and dancing.

A has all the characteristics of a 3 year old, being extremely energetic, constantly trying to figure out what situations he can and cannot control, and likes to do things himself. A is also such a loving and sweet boy, and I know he is going to be a terrific big brother!

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  1. Thanks for all the great posts this week! Every day, it seems.
    I’d like to add that Super A has a great memory, too!

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