The Best Thing I Ever Ate….Wraps.

In a tiny town in the southeast corner of Alabama lives a little restaurant that I have had a love affair with since the year 2000. That was the year that I started college in Auburn Alabama (quick do the math…how old am I??, haha). Even though I transferred and then went back for graduate school and now live in a big city (HAHA), Auburn will always be very special to me as it is the place where I met my husband, got married, and had my first real job. One of the things I love about Auburn is that it is truly a college town. There is no big city surrounding it (Atlanta is two hours away), and so when you live and go to school there it is really all about the college and the town.

And with all small towns that means there are small restaurants that move away from the typical fair…Amsterdam Cafe is one of those restaurants. Indisputably my favorite restaurant in Auburn, I believe a good part of my pay check went to that restaurant for the years that I lived there. My husband and I visited the restaurant at least once to twice a week, often enough that many of the hostesses knew our preferences (booth, or outside…no high tables) when we entered the restaurant. While there are so many wonderful items on the menu (their specials are fabulous as well), I have to say my nostalgia meal will always be the turkey wraps. Every Auburn student and alum know what I’m talking about. These wraps cannot be recreated. With just a swirl of turkey, cream cheese, lettuce, monterey jack cheese surrounded by soft lavosh cracker bread and served with a side of honey mustard sauce they are perfectly proportioned and completely delicious.

I love these wraps so much, that as we prepared to leave Auburn (while I was seven months pregnant), I continually asked my husband…”but what will I do if I crave the turkey wraps? Will you come back to Auburn to get them?” Keep in mind traveling to Auburn from our new residence was no short trip. I actually considered stocking up…wondering if I could order a dozen or so and freeze them. In any case it just gives me an excuse to eventually come back to Auburn so I can have a turkey wrap with sweet potato chips and half of my husband’s sweet tea 🙂

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